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About Us
Dean is a former captain of the Jr. A Blazers (now Bobcats) and the NAIT OOKS. While playing at NAIT, his team won league championships and a national championship. Dean knows firsthand what it takes to increase skill level and commit to excellence in hockey.

He was a 2 time AJHL all star.

Dean is a Registered Psychologist and a Mental Game Coaching Professional in the field of Sports Psychology.

Jennifer does the behind-the-scenes work for our brain-based training programs. She has a background in piano performance and considers herself to be a "musician" athlete. She is also a Registered Psychologist.

We believe that athletes can develop extraordinary abilities by taking advantage of the amazing adaptability of the human brain. We believe that the best players are developed by constantly challenging them in a systematic way towards higher levels of skill and performance.

The goal of training is not just to reach one's potential, but to make things possible that were not possible before. We believe that "trying harder" must be accompanied by "trying differently" and that inspiration, dedication, and motivation must be kindled and encouraged throughout the training process.

We focus primarily on the individual athlete rather than the entire team because every athlete is unique because their nervous system (brain and spinal cord) is unique. What it takes to build a better brain differs for everyone. It is not one size fits all. That's why proper assessment, individualized training & coaching, and continued reassessments are so important.

Great athletes are also great leaders. Leadership, at its core, isn't about leading others...it's about leading yourself to the next level (of functioning, of ability, of performance). When you do this you acquire an almost magical ability to influence others for the good. When one person on the team raises his or her ability...it raises the bar for everyone. Leadership is about a new way of thinking and a new way of being. It is about building a better brain. The question to ask yourself is "what would the next level look like for me?"

We believe the person behind the performance is truly important. What we ultimately hope for our athletes is that they become healthy, balanced, happy, purposeful people. We want our athletes to figure out what integrity means to them and then to live by it. We want our athletes to become, not only great athletes, but also great human beings because there is life outside of sports and there is life after sports. We want to empower our kids to perform at their best, both inside the game and out.

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