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We call our program "brain-based" because that is exactly what it is. Everything we do is focused on the it works and how to enhance its functioning specifically related to improving hockey performance.

The brain is the primary target of everything that we do. Your brain runs your life. When it works well, your body works well, and your mind works well. It is the command center for all things...including athletic performance. Read more

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Triune Systems brain-based performance training is that training that will take you to the next level. As Psychologists who focus on research-based applied neurology, we have studied the latest trends in neuroscience and sports performance and want to share the results with you. What this means for you is building a better brain to create elite sports performance.

Sports training typically involves training the body (i.e., "hitting the weights at the gym") but the body does not act in isolation. Did you know that everything you do is controlled by your nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and all the connections they have with the body).

Not including a focus on the nervous system is like putting the brakes on your performance. If you are looking for ways to improve your skills, train your mind, and perform at your personal best then it is critical that you include a focus on your nervous system in your training program. What we provide is like the ultimate holistic training program because the focus is on the powerhouse of performance; your brain.
Brain-based Performance Training

The 7 Skills Elite Athletes

Must be able to do exceptionally well
The top 5% of athletes have 7 SKILLS in common that place them consistently at the top. They all involve efficient brain function. We will teach you to incorporate these skills into your training program.

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See Well

Skill 1: See Well

Strong visual skills are a pre-requisite for high performance in any sport. Poor vision tends to affect every area of life - posture, pain, movement problems, reading comprehension, thinking processes, and even emotional states. Vision training enhances your ability to track a moving object, see objects in the periphery, and accurately evaluate distances. Did you know that vision and eyesight are two different things. Just because you can see 20/20 in the Optometrist’s office doesn’t mean that you can track a ball. Vision training has recently been correlated with a reduction in concussions. Strong visual skills seem to actually prevent concussions from occurring because the athlete can see what's entering their surroundings faster and navigate themselves to avoid getting hurt.
Balance Well

Skill 2: Balance Well

Think about it...our relationship to gravity has a profound impact on the way we move. Even the smallest problems in the balance system can have a huge impact on performance. If you have any difficulty with balance your body will not be able to move at its best. Balance training enhances your brain's ability to keep you upright while making all the moves your sport requires. Typical balance training at the gym might involve balancing on a Bosu ball while using weights...but all that will help you achieve is to become good at balancing on an unstable surface. You become good at exactly what you practice. We can show you effective balance training that will directly impact your performance on the ice. Balance is highly related to vision. Strong vision correlates with strong balance and vice versa. Much of our vision and balance training is interrelated so that the better your visual skills get, the better your balance will get also.
Move Well

Skill 3: Move Well

Awesome sports performance is about the ability to create perfect movement and to do it consistently. Every time you do a rep…squat, lift, stride on the ice…specific pathways in your brain become faster and more favored. We focus on creating perfect movement so that those exact pathways become stronger and more likely to be activated while playing your sport. That is why 3 good reps are better than 100 so so reps. We will teach you what a perfect rep looks like because weight training alone will never make you as strong as you can be. The brain and body work together better as a team when they have strong connections in ways that enhance exceptional movement. We can help you train to rapidly strengthen the right connections that translate into exceptional movement.
Think Well

Skill 4: Think Well

Never underestimate the power of the mind to sabotage performance. By the same token...never underestimate the power of the mind to skyrocket your performance into the top percent of athletes in your sport. Mental skills and mental toughness are fundamentally important to achieve great results. Things like confidence, focus, motivation, positive self-talk, perseverance, will-power, managing emotions, personal goals, and a strong mindset for victory can be taught because they are all skills to develop. We will take you through our mental coaching program to sharpen your athletic ready mindset.
Lead Well

Skill 5: Lead Well

The majority of top athletes are great leaders...meaning they are able to define themselves within their relationships (with other players, parents, coaches, etc) and inspire others to higher levels of performance. Leadership is a skill that we can teach you. It is the ability to follow through on your goals and dreams while maintaining meaningful relationships with others.
Prehad/Rehab Well

Skill 6: Prehab/Rehab Well

Sports take a toll on your body. That is the reason you need to be proactive about preventing and recovering from injury. Prehab is the word we use for injury prevention. From concussion prevention to avoiding high ankle sprains, we want to teach you how to move in a ways that reduce the likelihood of injury. Rehab is about neural re-education. Think of it as needing to debug the software after an injury. If injuries are not fully rehabbed then you will create compensations in movement patterns. When you go back to playing you will keep the compensations in your movement patterns. Essentially, you just move around old injuries. We will help to observe, recognize, and correct these injury based movement patterns to help you get to the next level of performance.
Integrate Well

Integrate Well

The Central Processing Unit of the athlete (aka THE BRAIN) takes information from every area of your being and integrates it into one BIG PICTURE. Visual information, balance information and movement information all need to be integrated to make one seamless perception of reality. Even things like mindset and emotion need to be considered and fit with the rest of the incoming info. When one area is not sending useful or correct information then every area is affected to some degree and the resulting performance is negatively impacted. We focus on every area of the athlete (the holistic perspective) so that your brain will have excellent quality information to use and integrate in a way that will supercharge your performance.

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